Your Guide to Becoming a Better Baseball Bettor


As we move closer to winter, the days of major league baseball feel further and further away. Whilst you're waiting for the fun to strike back up again in the summer, why not take some time to work on your betting technique? Baseball is quite a specialist sport to bet on; whereas sports like football or basketball usually allow people to bet on a point spread, baseball tends to be what's known as a 'moneyline' sport. You only need to know who's going to win. There are other betting options, of course, that we'll go into more detail on here, as well as some tips on spotting good value underdogs, why betting with the public might not be the way to go, and why we should try to avoid betting on the favorite the majority of the time.

Different Types of Bets Available

As we mentioned before, betting the moneyline is the most common type of baseball bet. In this type of bet you'll either be betting on the favorite, the team who everyone thinks is going to win, or the underdog, the one who stands less of a chance. For this reason, the favorite will have shorter odds, meaning that you're going to win less money if your prediction for them to win does come true. The other bets available are known as the run line and the total. Run line bets ask you to decide on how many runs a specific team will win by. The total is quite simply how many runs will be scored in a game. These two types of bet are more difficult to predict, as they require a greater level of accuracy. However, you will almost without exception get better odds on these types of bets, so you'll win more money if you do get it right.

The Simplest Tip of All

If the bottom line of your betting account is the most important thing to you, then the simplest way to give yourself a bit of a head start is to look for deals. There are always free bets, deposit match bonuses and even occasionally risk-free bets available if you know where to look. At the moment FanDuel is rated highly on OddsChecker and is offering a risk-free $1000 bet to new signups. Taking advantage of high-level bet deals like this is an easy way to practice betting larger, without taking on such a risk to your own capital. Whether you want to bet larger, or just receive a little boost to your play wallet, looking for a deal is the single easiest option for boosting your baseball betting bottom line. This might mean that you have to sign up to a few different betting sites to ensure you're always getting the best deals, but it also means that you can search around for the best odds.


In order to become better at spotting the good value bets, it's important that you really understand what's going on in the game. Keeping an eye on things right at the very beginning is one of the easiest ways that you can get a head start on everyone else. Like any good Pirates fan, you should've been keeping an eye on the 2021 prospects. There have been some enormous successes this year and being aware of their talents before the big games could have made a big difference to your betting. That's not all there is to it though; generally keeping up to date with the Major League Baseball news should be top of your list of priorities. Being incredibly well informed on the sport is the best way to ensure that you always spot the good value favorites and the under-appreciated underdogs. If you want to take it a step further, keep a notepad or a notes section on your phone specifically for things that you spot whilst watching baseball. You might see a particularly promising batsman, or something as simple as a great catch. Spotting the small details and committing them to memory will help to make you a formidable bettor.

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