One Team's Trash is Another's Treasure

The offseason will be here before you know it, and we should start preparing to pick through the garbage of the rest of the MLB once non-tenders happen like a bunch of hungry raccoons.

While many here will wring their hands and say the Pirates have too many in-house options, a 40-man crunch, etc., I personally would fire GMBC on the spot if he didn't do some due diligence on what the other 29 teams sat out on the curb.

Here are a few non-tender candidates that I find interesting:

  • Lewis Brinson (MIA) - he has never panned out in MIA, but with the pedigree he has and an opportunity to win a starting job here, there should be mutual interest. He's probably already instantly better than every outfielder not named Reynolds on the Pirates' MLB roster.
  • Jose Martinez (NYM) - A very good buy cheap on a minor league deal type. Reasonable platoon partner with Yoshi or Moran.
  • Aristides Aquino (CIN) - I think this is a long shot to happen, but Cincy may finally decide to cut bait on this guy. He would be an interesting RF option with some pop on a team that doesn't have much.
I didn't get the chance to go through everyone's potential trash just yet, but I thought these three names might generate a little discussion as they are a little different than plucking an Anthony Banda off the waiver wire. They either have pedigree or a track record (even if it was awhile ago). I don't think the Bucs should let any opportunity go by when a player becomes available for almost nothing, and these any of these three fill an immediate need on the roster without appreciably blocking anyone for next season.

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