Baseball is a Crazy Sport

Here we are at the last game of the season and could things be crazier?

If the AL, four teams could tie for the 2 WC spots, forcing a playoff for the playoffs! In the NL West, SF and LA could tie for the division and have to playoff for the division.

Looking at some of the run differentials, it is wild. Seattle is 90-81 with a -47 run differential. While Cleveland is 79-82 with a -17 run differential. Plus Cleveland has scored more runs and given up less runs than Seattle! Based on the Pythagorean Theorem of Baseball, Cleveland's record is correctly predicted. However, Seattle has won 14 more games than it "should". Toronto is even weirder. They have scored 147 more runs than they have given up with a predicted 98 wins; but they only have 90!

Today could be a crazy day!

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