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Report: Several teams in hot pursuit of Bryan Reynolds

Teams are chasing Pittsburgh’s best player.

Cincinnati Reds v Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

We just talked a few days ago about if outfielder Bryan Reynolds was untouchable for the Pittsburgh Pirates, and now we’re finding out that several teams have come calling in an attempt to secure his services from the Buccos via trade.

According to MLB Network’s Jon Morossi and then picked up this morning by the Tim Benz of the Tribune Review, the New York Yankees and Seattle Mariners are in hot pursuit of Reynolds.

The report also makes it sound like there are more teams after Reynolds, which isn’t surprising considering the year that he had and also Pittsburgh’s reputation for selling their talent. It’s like buzzards circling to pick a carcass.

Thankfully, the report also mentions that the team is also looking at an extension for Reynolds, but whether that is accurate or simply posturing to drive up any potential price, no one knows at this point.

I can’t imagine the fan reaction right now if Reynolds were to be moved. We’re an already disgruntled group, and losing the Bucs’ best player would be a hard pill to swallow. I do have faith in Ben Cherington to do the right thing and hold on to the 26-year-old Reynolds, but as we are all too aware, team ownership doesn’t exactly have a stellar reputation in these types of matters, and who knows if Bob Nutting could force the issue.

If a deal would materialize with either of these two teams, what do you think could be a realistic return for Reynolds? I’ve seen some low-ball offers on social media from entitled Yankees fans, but I’d have to believe the Bucs, if they sell him, won’t do it for pennies on the dollar. But maybe I’m being naive and offering the organization too much credit.

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