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New Barry Bonds documentary to air on ESPN this Sunday

Should be a good one.

Sports Contributor Archive 2018

ESPN’s special news magazine program E:60 has a new episode coming up this week, and this one may be of particular interest to Pittsburgh Pirates fans. This new episode, entitled “Bonds” focuses on former Bucs and San Francisco Giants star Barry Bonds, who got his start in Pittsburgh, winning two NL MVP Awards in 1990 and 1992 before moving out west, where he would win five more MVP awards, hit a metric ton of home runs, and also get involved in the BALCO scandal. He was indicted for perjury related to that scandal in 2007.

He developed a reputation as a moody, mercurial player, and that rep started to bud in Pittsburgh, and it looks like the doc is going to address that directly. Check out the trailer.

Bonds finished his career with seven MVP awards, 14 All-Star appearances, 8 Gold Glove Awards, 12 Silver Slugger Awards, and was a multi-time batting champion and home run leader. He holds MLB records for most home runs in a season and in a career, most consecutive seasons with 30 or more homers, most homers after 40, single-season slugging percentage, single season walks, single season on-base percentage, total MVPs, consecutive MVPs, National League Player of the Month selections, and consecutive seasons with a .600 slugging percentage or higher.

Despite all of that, he’s been held out of the Hall of Fame due to his extensive ties to the steroid era, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

Anyway, just from that footage, this documentary looks like a good one. I’ll definitely be checking it out. It airs on ESPN at 9:30pm EST on Sunday, November 7.