Got Enough Outfielders There Butch?

To say the Bucs used alot guys to run down fly balls last season is an understatement. They used 18 players in the OF last season. Reynolds, Polanco, and Gamel were the mainstays, but 15 other guys were out there as well. I assume ya'll recall Ildemaro Vargas' 2 games in LF? Or Nogowski's single game in LF? Yeah, good times!

Well 2022 is shaping up to have quite a mob of players competing to stand to the right and left of BRey. As of right now there are 15 players on the 40 man who could see time in the OF. I am not including Tsutsugo as being in the mix. I think he will be handling 1B and DH only as there are many players to give a looksee in the OF. I am counting Cruz as possibly seeing OF time. If you add in guys like Bae (he saw OF time in AA and AFL), Jacob Gonzalez (recent Minor League Rule 5 pickup), Cal Mitchell (if he doesn't get chosen as a Rule 5 and stays with the Bucs), and Matt Frazier (who should be in AAA in 2022); then there are 18 guys competing for 2 starting spots!

Hopefully out of the 18 guys not named Reynolds, we can find 3 who can both field and hit at least at a MLB average level. Maybe there is another BRey or 2 among this group. Wouldn't that be great!

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