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SB Nation Reacts: We need your help, Bucs Dugout!

The season’s about to start and we need your fan opinion!

Colorado Rockies v. Pittsburgh Pirates Photo by Rob Tringali/MLB via Getty Images

With the start of the MLB regular season just around the corner, we’re asking for your help to add something fun to Bucs Dugout this season.

SB Nation Reacts is a weekly fan poll that asks questions about the MLB at-large for the week and also asks team-specific questions formulated by the individual sites. It also gauges a weekly fan confidence rating and puts it in a graph so you can easily see the progression from week to week.

Once we have enough data, we’ll be putting together graphics cards. Here’s an example of the current one at The Dream Shake, which is the other site I work for. They cover the Houston Rockets NBA franchise, but the concept will be the same for the MLB and Bucs.

In addition, there will be graphics cards for both the national question and any one-off Pittsburgh Pirates questions we ask each week. Here are examples of those. Again, I’m using NBA as an example since I have ready access to those cards, but the concept will be exactly the same, just switched to the MLB and Pirates.

The more people we have signed up, the more accurate and more fun these polls will be. I’m also happy to accept any questions that you guys would like to ask of your fellow Bucs fans. The more audience engagement we have, the neater this project will be.

If you want to sign up for SB Nation Reacts: MLB, please go to this link and sign up. All of your responses will remain anonymous.

If you have any Pirates-specific questions you’d like to ask your fellow Bucs fans, feel free to drop them in the comments, or simply email me directly at

Again, here’s your sign-up link for the weekly anonymous survey. New surveys come out on Mondays and we usually have the results by Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks in advance for participating!