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SB Nation Reacts: MLB first week and Pirates fan confidence

What’s the fan poll look like after Pittsburgh’s 1-6 start?

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Pittsburgh Pirates
Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Chicago Cubs make their way to their seats for an opening day baseball game at PNC Park.
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

It’s the first SB Nation Reacts poll after the start of the season, and we have two big questions to get the results for this week.

The first question was for all of our league-wide voters and dealt with the MLB at-large during the first week of the season. We asked our voters what the biggest surprise was in the first week of the baseball season. Here’s the responses:

We also asked our Pittsburgh Pirates voters how confident they felt in the team’s offense, and the responses from our Bucs voters was far from surprising.

The Pirates have done nothing so far this season to dissuade us from feeling negative about the offense, as they’ve scored 19 runs in 7 games, or 2.71 per game, the lowest average in the majors through this first week. The Buccos sit at 1-6, so it’s hasn’t been a positive start in many ways.

We’ll have plenty more voting to get to this year, however, and we’ll have questions not just about the season, but of Pittsburgh’s future, assets, and rebuild. So sign up for SB Nation Reacts and get a weekly poll sent to your email. SIGN UP HERE!!