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SB Nation Reacts: How many wins will the Pirates finish with?

Reacts is back!

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, guys. We had some issues with the survey system for SB Nation Reacts, which is why you haven’t seen any results for two weeks. We got that fixed now, so I have two weeks worth of results and cards for you, so let’s get right at it.

We’ll start with the Pittsburgh Pirates local questions, because that’s why we’re all here, and we asked our voters about a projected win total for the Bucs both at the All-Star break and at the conclusion of the season. Here’s what we got:

I think that seems pretty realistic. I thought 40-49 at the break might be slightly high, so I voted for 30-39, thinking it would be in the high 30s, but with the way the Buccos are playing right now, losing eight out of their last 10 contests, low 30s might be more realistic.

As for the entire season, I felt earlier that the Bucs would win right around that 75 mark, but again, with the struggles the team is currently having, 100 losses is back on the table. Either way, 75 and under is the prudent move.

We also have large series of national questions and results to go over. Our first batch of questions revolve around home runs, strikeouts, and the current evolution of the game. Here are those results:

In our second batch of national questions, we asked our league-wide voters about their viewing access to the favorite team. It’s an important question for the financial aspects of the league moving forward, and these were some interesting results:

The matching percentages aren’t surprising to me, that obviously makes total sense. But what was surprising is that a full 36 percent of fans don’t have ready access to their favorite squad. That feels high to me. I suppose it’s a combination of fans living out of market from their squad, in addition to the recent prevalence of cord-cutters, which also means a lack of ability to watch their team on cable. MLB League Pass then becomes a requirement to watch on your phone, computer, tablet, etc...

That’s it for Reacts for now. We should be back up and running normally again. If you want to start voting, head over here to sign up!