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SB Nation Reacts: No-hitters

Plus our Buccos fan confidence!

MLB: Detroit Tigers at Seattle Mariners Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

We’re back with our SB Nation Reacts results this week, and we have a very important national topic to discuss, and that is the prevalence of no-hitters in today’s game. We asked our network-wide participants a series of questions on that topic.

First, we asked, “How many no-hitters will be thrown this season?” Here are those results:

There’s already been six so far this season, so 10-13 seems about right to me and it’s where I voted. Some voters picked 17+ and that just seems out of hand.

Next, we asked, “What’s the biggest cause of the increase in no-hitters?” Here’s what you had to say:

Considering only three teams have been no-hit across the six no-hitters, it very well could be three bad teams, though the Indians have a winning record, and subpar hitting goes into that, so that’s what I picked and that’s what won the day.

We also asked our national voters if they thought getting no-hit was worse than a normal loss. The voters were pretty certain:

I actually said no. I’m sure it stings at the time, and players do try to avoid it when it happens, but ultimately, it’s a long season with lots of losses, especially for the teams that are getting no-hit this year. Just another loss at the end of the day. So I was in the minority on this one with my vote.

Finally, we asked our league-wide voters if they felt the increase was bad for the game. They were pretty certain on this one too.

I was in the minority on this one as well. I know there’s an attitude of less runs equals less excitement and that the increase in no-hitters hurts its historical significance, but I like watching good pitching, so I’ll take a no-no any day.

As always, we also had a question for just our Pittsburgh Pirates voters, and that was our fan confidence rating. Here’s where the Buccos stand with the fan base.

That rating is doing pretty well considering we have an 18-win squad on our hands right now with two of their top power guys not even in the lineup at the moment. Sounds like you all have faith in the rebuild.

We can ask any Pirates-related question that you’d like, so if you have something you’d like to see in this survey, shoot it over to

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