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PNC Park will be back open!

Details to come!

Milwaukee Brewers v Pittsburgh Pirates
The pierogies are happy!
Photo by G Fiume/Getty Images

Things are getting back to normal.

With Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf’s announcement that the state will be fully opening on May 31st, the Pirates made their own announcement via ... a pierogi.

Hey, writing pierogies are normal in the Burgh.

The Pirates haven’t released details, but going by the governor’s statement, PNC Park should be fully open to fans or close to it by the end of the month. Note that wearing masks will still be required for the time being.

For those of us who haven’t been inside PNC since Clint Hurdle was still the Bucs manager, this is excellent news. If you’ve been watching games, you’ve noticed that PNC is pretty well populated at the current 25% capacity. A lot of the games have actually been sellouts. The Flex Plan that the Pirates have been touting basically kicks in after the season ticket holders get their tickets (the Bucs know not to bite the hands that feed them), meaning that it’s been hard to use the vouchers, particularly for weekend games. With PNC opening more or fully, that should ease things.

And the pierogies will be back racing on the warning track, another happy sign of returning normalcy. One of my favorite things about going to PNC is the absolute dead seriousness in which some adults take the pierogi race. I have seen money change hands over it, I’m not kidding.

But after all this weirdness, sitting in PNC on a beautiful day watching baseball (yes, Pirates baseball) is going to be awesome.