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SB Nation Reacts: It’s almost draft time!

A few draft-related questions.

2020 Major League Baseball Draft Photo by Alex Trautwig/MLB Photos via Getty Images

The MLB Draft 2021 begins in a little over a week with the Pittsburgh Pirates set to play a major role with the top overall pick. That makes this week’s topic especially pertinent and I was eager to see the results when they came in. Here’s what we got.

First we asked our voters what trait they value most in the MLB draft.

That’s a pretty good representation in my opinion. That top end potential is what most everyone is looking for, and building a healthy farm system and not rushing guys in order to maximize that upside is an ideal philosophy in most cases.

Next, we asked if our voters would rather draft pitcher or a hitter in the first round, and this answer surprised me a little bit.

I’m of the opinion that all things being equal, I’d rather take an every day player with my top pick, though obviously by this poll, not everyone feels that way. In fact, it appears most don’t feel that way, and the 61-39 ratio is what was unexpected for me.

Lastly, we have our Pirates fan confidence rating, which was taken before this week’s sweep at the hands of the Colorado Rockies. The Bucs were in the middle of a decent stretch of ball, winning series against the Cleveland Indians and St. Louis Cardinals and splitting with the Chicago White Sox. So that likely explains this:

The fan confidence level spiked to its highest point since April, though we’re likely to see that fall this week after the unfortunate happenings in Denver.

That’s it for this week, but feel free to submit any Pirates-related questions you would like asked, and we’ll include them in our weekly survey.

And if you want to start voting, head over here to sign up!!