Who Will Be the Next Pirate Impact Position Player?

As of right now, Reynolds and Hayes are two young position players who have had significant impact on the team and look to be corner stones for the future. Who do you think will the next impact position player?

Looking over the top 30 prospects, here are the present choices:

Nick Gonzales - 2B
Oneil Cruz - SS (OF?)
Liover Peguero - SS
Hudson Head - OF
Travis Swaggerty - OF
Eddy Yean - C
Mason Martin - 1B
Ji-hwan Bae - 2B
Sammy Siani -OF
Cal Mitchell - OF
Canaan Smith-Njigba - OF

My guess would be Nick Gonzales. He has a track record of being able to hit very well. He also looks like he can field enough to stick. My second choice is Cruz. I think he can hit for power and play a decent corner OF position. My 3rd choice would be Martin. He also shown he can hit for power.

Who do you think will be the next impact position player? Could it be the 2021 1st Round Pick?

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