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2021 MLB Draft: Day 2 Thread

Rounds 2-10 take place today.

2021 Major Leauge Baseball Draft Photo by Daniel Shirey/MLB Photos via Getty Images

Today is a very important day towards the future of the Pittsburgh Pirates organization.

With the Pirates making a huge splash on Day 1, drafting Louisville catcher Henry Davis with first overall pick, and general manager Ben Cherington and Co. look to build on an important draft class with Day 2 picks.

Today, Rounds 2-10 will take place and the Pirates will add some talent to the organization. By going with a catcher yesterday, the Pirates will likely turn their focus towards the mound and take some pitching prospects today, but ultimately, talent anywhere on the diamond is feasible.

You can check out MLB Draft coverage throughout the day by heading here.

BD community, this is your Day 2 MLB Draft thread. Chime off in the comments section below and enjoy!

Round 2 Pick (37) - LHP Anthony Solometo

Competitive Balance Pick B (64) - OF Lonnie White Jr.

Round 3 Pick (72) - RHP/SS Bubba Chandler

Round 4 Pick (102) - RHP Owen Kellington

Round 5 Pick (133) - 3B Jackson Glenn

Round 6 Pick (163) - SS Mike Jarvis

Round 7 Pick (193) - C Wyatt Hendrie

Round 8 Pick (223) - RHP Sean Sullivan

Round 9 Pick (253) - OF Luke Brown

Round 10 Pick (283) - RHP Justin Meis