Chris Archer Story

During spring training, this year, Chris Archer bought tailored suits for all the new members of the Rays' 40-man roster. A member of my extended family (Drew Strotman) was on the Rays at that time, but was busy when the other guys got their new threads. Drew was invited to Archer's home and the tailor made a housecall. Chris and Drew had an extended time to talk about pitching and baseball. I can see why so many in Pittsburgh liked Chris so much, as a person.

Drew has since been traded to Minnesota, for the great Nelson Cruz. It must be crazy to see all these other pitchers get their promotion to the big leagues, even as you are in the AAA top ten in ERA, yourself. I wonder if the teams have been pausing the clock on his service time, seeing value in his ceiling as a dependable 4th or 5th starter. He really could use more time at AAA, after skipping AA and having TJS a few years ago. He mixes up his pitches well and his fastball has some zip, but his control needs sharpening.

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