These ae who I would DFA or trade before final 40 man roster is due this fall:

Cahill DeJong Kyle Keller HowardT MearsT Miller Ponce Spitzbarth Mitch KellerT StrattonT Underwood Perez MoranT Park Tucker Evans Oliva.T That leaves 15 spots for minor leaguers, rule 5 candidates, Free agents or players from Tradeis

Keep Tsutsugo, Reynolds, Alford, Gamel, Maybe Difo, Newman, Marcano, Hayes, Cruz, Chavis, Castro, Stallings, Yazure, Wilson, Soriano, Shreve, Peters, Oviedo, Overton, Kuhl, Kranick, Crow, Contreras, Cederlind, Brubaker, Brault, Bedner, Banda.

Find another CAtcher and Outfielder, Maybe a starter.

What do ya Think

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