Who deserves the credit for Bryan Reynolds?

I thought all of you might find this interesting (from 2016):

Reynolds is a very disciplined hitter and could possibly have the best eye in the class. He doesn’t hit many home runs, but did see a power surge in 2016. He has a gap-to-gap approach, which results in plenty of extra-base hits. He does struggle to hit low and inside fastballs, but this is something that can be fixed. Overall, Reynolds has all the makings of a future leadoff batter with his on-base skills and speed. Reynolds is an above average defender with an average arm at best. He’s probably a future left fielder since his arm isn’t strong enough to play center field at the major league level.

His future grade at the time was 55, which is slightly above average, or about a 2.0 WAR player. He's hedging closer to what scouts would say is a 65, a perennial All-Star. So who do we credit for Reynolds getting from this scouting report to what he is now?

His numbers in the SF system are not eye-popping, but neither were his numbers with PIT. Then he comes out of nowhere in 2019. I don't know the answer and I'm not going to offer one, but it's a question the Pirates' FO needs to figure out the answer to. Did Reynolds develop in spite of them or because of them? And what "flipped the switch"?

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