Online Gaming Optimization Techniques to Help Pittsburgh

Theory and critical thinking in sport are things that perhaps are not given the levels of importance they deserve, as instead team managers and owners tend to rely on conventional and yet flawed ways of approaching an upcoming MLB campaign.

Of course, baseball was at the forefront of making a grand sea change in sport in this regard, as the Moneyball effect took hold not only in America’s favorite pastime, but in other sports such as basketball and soccer.

However, there are online Esports and classic games which take such optimization practices to a whole other level. Here we take a look at just some of them and see which ones could be applied in the locker rooms and back offices of PNC Park, to help the team through a crucial series or two as they fight for relevance in the NL Central.


Sklansky’s Levels

In 1999 David Sklansky published a book in which he detailed a new way in which the game of poker could be approached. This involved breaking a player’s progress down into levels. Sklansky’s levels of thinking were all about getting players to think in a more complex way about how they approach the game. The great thing is, though, that the technique can be applied to almost any sporting activity, whether it be online or offline.

Sklansky’s theorizing can get a little complicated, as he details the different modes of progression, which include ‘paths’ and ‘cycles’ which then form ‘spiral levelling’ whereby a great number of factors like training, study, and experience all combine to allow sports people to climb the progression spiral. To explain the entire theory in a few paragraphs is tough, but Pirates team bosses should take the time to study it further, because many elite level poker pros and other classic game stars have used it to rise to the very top of their field.

242414894_10165648500020026_9178526243992301270_n.0.jpgChess Theory and Strategy Forces Forward Thinking

While poker is all about biding your time and knowing when to get out of line with an audacious bluff, chess is more about being able to control and maneuver your opponent around the chequered board, until you reach that beautiful moment when you can declare "check mate!"

To reach that point against top level players means being able to think further ahead of them, and in the process be able to set traps that they will not see coming. What’s known as the ‘material count’ is perhaps the most important and basic theory in chess. It involves being able to make a count of a board’s remaining pieces, to ascertain how strong each player is and therefore whether to run an aggressive or defensive strategy. Such a strategy could be something that Pirates management choose to do sooner rather than later, to work out how and where they should strengthen their roster.

Esports Are All About Problem Solving

While classic games like chess and poker are jam packed with writers and current pro players who all want to weigh in on the best way to approach their respective game, more modern Esports like Valorant and League of Legends are still feeling around for people to create credible theories for players to buy into.

However, there is no doubt that such theories are being cooked up by the likes of Nadia Kraam-Aulenbach, who believes that a player’s game competence is formed by their ability to solve problems as quickly and efficiently as possible. The Pirates would not argue with that assumption, but they have so many problems at the moment that it is a case of knowing which one to prioritize that makes their position at the bottom of the NL Central such a difficult one to escape.

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