The trade that keeps on giving----the Tampa Bay Rays

I know I am beating a dead horse but it still ticks me off when NH traded Glasnow, Meadows and Baz for the very large flop Archer. The hits just keep coming. I know Glasnow is injury prone and is on the 60 day injured list but he has pitched well when he can pitch. Austin Meadows has 26 homers now and 103 RBI's even though he's hitting .231, but the thing that irks me more is now Shane Baz is up with Tampa and pitched a very good game and the Tampa talking heads are saying he will be a very important part of their pitching staff going forward. Archer is very long gone and wasn't that good nor worth what was given up. Would this be one of the worst trades ever by a Pirate GM? Thankfully a FORMER GM.

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