Does Luke Voit make sense for the Pirates?

I know this came up a little at the trade deadline, but I think it didn't happen because the Yankees were asking for too much at the time, and/or the Pirates were still not sure about how things were going to shake out with their roster.

Now that we have most of the season in the rear-view mirror, I was curious about your thoughts on whether Luke Voit makes sense for the Pirates.

I had the following trade in mind:

Chris Stratton and Jared Oliva + possible lower level prospect (Lolo Sanchez?) to Yankees
Luke Voit to Pirates

For me, this is a reasonably fair trade for a guy with a questionable injury history, but under team control until 2024. Stratton is not going to figure into the long term plans of the Pirates but fills a need for the Yankees. Oliva could be a decent option to replace Gardner or at least be a reasonable 4th outfielder who can play center for them. It also clears a spot on the 40-man for the Pirates.

On the Pirates end, we still need a 1B. Even if Martin is all that, he's not in the majors until mid-next season and he probably needs an RH platoon partner. The Pirates will likely gamble with Chavis being that player, but I think Chavis is better being the UT (an upgrade over Difo) guy on the roster. Voit also gives you the flexibility to flip him for a reasonable asset or two if things go perfectly with the young guys and we somehow conjure a 1B who strikes out less than 1 out of every 3 times and has power (maybe Jared Triolo?).

One last thing. This won't happen. We all know it won't. But let's just pretend that you're in the FO and making a pitch to GMBC for or against. What would you say?

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