Shane Baz -- best of the bunch?

The PTBNL in the Archer debacle deal had an impressive MLB debut against the red-hot Toronto Blue Jays, holding them to two hits (both homers). And his second start, Sunday against the Marlins, Shane Baz was downright dominating. He breezed through their lineup the first time around, setting down all nine in a row, with six strikeouts. His line before they took him out was 5 2/3 innings, zero runs, three hits, one walk (his first in MLB) and nine strikeouts.

According to the MLB website, these are his stats so far....

In his first two starts against the Blue Jays and Marlins, Baz has allowed only two runs on five hits with 14 strikeouts and one walk in 10 2/3 innings. He has thrown 70 percent of his pitches for strikes, and opponents have missed on 35.8 percent of the swings they’ve taken against him.

His delivery is sooo smooth, and it flows like his long hair. This kid is 22-years old and is pitching himself onto the post-season roster. He looks scary good and may burst into everyone's consciousness this post-season.

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