What will our prospects grow into?

As I struggle to match up what my eyes are telling me about players in the Pirates system vs. what it is written about them, I thought I'd take a deeper dive into some of the scouting ratings and what we could/should expect from a given prospect.

Keep in mind that this is a pretty simple comparison, equating scouting value into WAR for this season, then looking at the player(s) who fit the given range. There are several major leaguers who fall within the range for a given future value and some won't match the tools for the prospect, but this is more or less to show what types of players we should expect our prospects to grow into.

Without further ado, the Top 3:

Henry Davis, C, FV=55. MLB Comps: Buster Posey. (As a side note, Jacob Stallings is not far behind in WAR, but has completely different tools than Davis.) There aren't many catchers who get to 3.0 WAR, which is roughly what a FV55 guy should become.

Quinn Priester, P, FV=55. MLB Comps (range): Jose Berrios, Aaron Nola. Both are good but not great. Berrios is at the top end of the range, Nola toward the bottom.

Oneil Cruz, SS, FV=55. MLB Comps (range): Wander Franco (top), Miguel Rojas (lower end). I tried to pick players with similar profiles as bat first type of guys. Rojas is what an average shortstop used to be, now he's above average at .265 with 9 HRs.

The first assumption here is that the prospect will develop and hit the FV number. Of course, that almost never happens. But I thought it was interesting to sort of map out some "best case" scenarios to have an idea of what we really would have if our prospects panned out. I'll do some more if you guys find it interesting, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

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