Automated Balls and Strikes- In favor or Not?

MLB has decided to use the automated Balls and Strikes system in AAA this year. The assumption is that if things work out, it would be implemented in MLB as early as 2023.

I have seen some MiL games with the system and I am still wishy-washy on the whole thing. My main trepidations are that I haven't seen any data showing just how much more accurate it is than the umpires. Just how many times is the umpire wrong? How many times is the automated system wrong? What can be done to improve both methods? Can anyone actually determine how accurate either system is?

I am unclear just how the automated system is adjusted from batter to batter for the height of the strike zone. How is (or who) sets this and how accurate is it? Also, how accurate is the location of the pitched baseball relative to automated zone?

I am looking forward to seeing how the system works in AAA. I "heard" that some of the players who have been in games using it found some tricks to fool the system.

What is your opinion?

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