Altoona Curve 4-17-22

Fellow BucHeads,

I attended the Sunday meeting between the Curve and the Richmond team and was able to see some of our best hopefuls in person. With the exception of Gonzales, who did not play, I got to see Peguero, Fraizer, Triolo and Nicolas.

The two that stood out yesterday were Peguero and Nicolas. Peguero is a stocky athlete with a great first step and very fast down the 1st base line. He was very mobile at SS and made every play except the one that cost them the lead late in the game when he overthrew the 2b after a slow grounder past the pitcher. At the plate he looked to have good bat speed and even his foul balls had some stank on them. Fraizer and Triolo looked very athletic in the field but didn't do much at the plate, with Triolo looking very late on his swing on all his at bats.

Nicolas, however, was a stud on the mound. Not tall or big the kid threw 4 no hit innings with no walks and 5 Ks. He has a history of being wild but showed none of that yesterday. He hit 93-94 on the gun consistantly but the gun in Richmond has a history of being whack. If not a starter in the show I'm sure he could be a bullpen asset with his swing and miss ability.

*** Edit: Connor Scott made some great contact during the game and looked very quick in the field. Maybe he could be a sleeper for the club but I missed 2 of his ABs due to too much adult pops.

Other than a homer by catcher Sabol the bats didn't do much of anything but I was able to witness a walk off grand salami by the Richmond team, something I've never seen in person. Still great to see some of the future Bucs before they make it to Pittsburgh.

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