The Gathering XI: We have a Plan!!

After a two season layoff from our Big annual Gathering (and Tailgate), we will be Gathering Again. After some deliberation amongst the Tailgaters, we have settled upon July 2nd, 2022 vs the Milwaukee Brewers. This is also Hawaiian Shirt Promo day as well. We will be sitting in the 100 section Lower bowl most likely on the 3rd Base side.

Currently we have 7 people headed to the game. I will be purchasing tickets(to be paid back later) for the 7 that have RSVP'd. If you would like to go and would like to sit with this Rowdy group, look up my contact info and e-mail me or you can purchase your tickets for where you would like to sit on your own as well.

I usually bring the tabletop grill and we have a good time prior to the game.

Things that will need to be brought will be

Paper plates, Cups, Plastic forks & Utensils, Condiments.

Tables for the above items.

Bring your own Chairs and any extras.

Hope to put some faces to names this years!!!!

DEADLINE Date for tickets will be Friday April 29, 2022.

Let's go Bucs!!!!!!!

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