Roster Crunch Coming

In a few weeks the Bucs will have quite an influx of players such that they will need to decide who goes on their their 26 and 40 man rosters. Contreras (who is pitching tonight) will be past Super 2 on Monday. Cruz should be brought up in a few weeks. Greg Allen and Newman will be coming off the IL after rehab stints by early June. Marisnick might be ready by mid-June. I doubt Perez will be ready until mid-July. As for other prospects; Triple-A players Martin, De Los Santos, Bae, and Mitchell should be considered for callups but they require both 26 and 40 man roster moves.

The Bucs do have a number of players on the 26 and/or the 40 man they can drop such as Tucker, Fletcher, VanMeter, Yoshi, Hembree, and TSwag. However it will take careful management of the rosters over the next 3-6 weeks. Once the trade deadline approaches (probably August 2nd) , we could see trades involving Quintana, Vogy, and Gamel which would open slots on both the 26 and 40 man for August callups.

Anyway, things should get exciting starting in early June. We should begin to see even more young guys getting their shot in The Show.

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