Bob Prince Memories

I can remember The Gunner back when the Buccos had Frank Taveras and "The" Mario Mendoza. Prince would always rave about "What a luxury" it was to have TWO Fine SS and how you could take one out of the game and put in another without a dropoff in quality.

Imagine if he were alive today. "Oh what a luxury to have an infinite number of quality SS. Castro batting an astounding .196, Castillo - every pitchers nightmare at 190, Park at 190, Chang at 139!!!"

Most organizations would consider themselves blessed to have one SS hitting below 200 but the Buccos are stacked at the SS position that we have 4 SS below the Mendoza line. In fact we have so many quality SS we can let quality players like Cole Tucker walk away for nothing.

In fact we have so many hard hitting SS that we can let ONeil Cruz rot in the minors.

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