WAR Question

My fantasy baseball is struggling. It is a rotisserie league and I'm last in almost every category.

Typically I just used gut feelings to judge palyers and I've been above average most seasons. I've really stunk last year and this yr. I started looking at WAR to make decissions and have a few questions.

Using these players as an example:

Brandon Nimmo 1.0 WAR - 4 HR - .267 AVG

Michael Brantley 1.4 WAR - 5 HR - .299 AVG

Christian Walker 2.1 WAR - 18 HR - .203 AVG

Pete Alonso 1.9 WAR - 20 HR - .285 AVG

Garrett Cooper 1.0 WAR - 4 HR - .310 AVG

Based on these numbers:

Would I be "better off" having Walker > Alsonso?

Better with Brantley > Cooper? - Despite that Cooper having an edge in BA

Are 1.0 players basically "average"

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