My Take on the Guys Coming off their Rehabs

Shortly Newman, Gamel, Yoshi, and VanMeter will be done their rehabs. Decisions will need to be made. Here is what I would do. Predicting what BC will do is too hard.

Put Newman and Gamel on the 26 man roster. This will require someone to come off the 40 man as Newman was on the 60 day IL. Demote Park and Mitchell to Indy to open 26 man spots. Newman can fill in at SS and 2B for now. Gamel provides a 4th OF and a 1B option.

DFA Yoshi. I see no place for him on the club. Yoshi is on the 40 man, so this opens up a spot for Newman.

DFA Chang. This opens both a 40 man and 26 man spot. While I would prefer to promote Bae using both the 40 man and 26 man spot, I think BC will keep VanMeter to replace Chang. Keep VanMeter until Marcano comes off the the Covid IL. Bae could then be put on the 40 man to setup a promotion later.

That's my take. What would you do?

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