Tradebaits vs Prospects

As we close out the 1st halfish part of the season, I decided to compare how the position player Prospects performed vs the Tradebaits.

I separated all of the position players into groups as follows:

Catchers (5): Perez, Perez, Delay, Heineman, and Knapp
Keepers (3): Hayes, Reynolds, and Chavis. I included Chavis in this group because we have no prospects ready at 1B
Prospects (11): Castillo, SuWINski, Cruz, Mitchell, Castro, Marcano, Park, Madris, TSwag, Smith-Njigba, Peguero
Tradebaits (6): Vogy, Yoshi, VanMeter, Gamel, Newman, Marisnick
Whatevers (3): Chang, Tucker, and Alford

As far as PAs go, the Prospects have had 976 PA to the Tradebaits 958. The Prospects and Tradebaits have almost the same percentage of total team PAs (29.2% vs 28.7%). The Tradebaits have averaged 3.5 PA/G vs the Prospects 3.3.

The Tradebaits lead in BA (.220 vs .207), OBP (.304 vs .265), and OPS (.663 vs .644). However the Prospects lead in SLG (.379 vs .359). The Prospects have a big edge in HRs (36 vs. 23) and HR/PA (3.69% vs 2.40%).

In summary the Tradebaits have hit for a higher average and get on base more than the Prospects. The Prospects have provided more power. The Prospects have generated .3 batting WAR to the Tradebaits -.4.

IMHO, I hope soon we can get rid of the Tradebaits and start playing the Prospects more.

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