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Pirates drop another one to Cubs 4-2

Oneil Cruz made it a little exciting, but this one was done in the first.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Chicago Cubs
Redeeming himself after a fielding error in the previous inning.
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The Pirates’ broadcasters can try to spin this start by Bryse Wilson as a quality start, but a quality start should include a decent first inning, which this didn’t.

On paper, yeah, it doesn’t look horrible—Wilson went six innings with three earned runs, but all of those runs came in the first inning. While the Pirates duked and dinged, it wasn’t until the seventh, when Oneil Cruz hit a pretty bomb with Cal Mitchell on base after an error by Nico Hoerner, that they put up any offense.

It’s not just one guy who’s not hitting, it’s everybody. If there’s anyone who should be fearing for his job, it’s Andy Haines. If there’s money to be spent, it needs to be spent on development coaches.

Here’s the Pirates’ highlight reel for the day:

However, Good Wil Crowe was not good today, hanging a changeup to Seiya Suzuki, who promptly banged it out to put the game out of reach for the Pirates, which admittedly isn’t that hard to do these days.

Pirates pitching isn’t the problem, though. The frozen bats are. Tick, tick, tick, Andy.