Should the Bucs Trade BRey?

As always the answer is if someone makes you a fantastic offer then Yes! But seriously, if a very good but not great offer is made, do you trade him?

He is 27. Arbitration eligible in 2024 and a FA in 2026. So the team has control for 4 more years. His 2022 and 2023 salary is $6,750,000.

After a slow start where he barely hit over the Mendoza line, he is hitting .327 with 8 HRs in his last 30 games. He is on track to hit 30 HRs with 15 HRs before the AS break. He has been somewhat unlucky as his BABIP is .292. His KOs are up from last year but they are close to his rate from 2019.

Both the Mets and the Yankees are looking for another player.

IMHO, I don't trade him unless the deal unbelievably great. BRey is still valuable even when the Bucs are competitive again in 2024.

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