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Pirates get blown out in final game of Phillies series 8-2

JT Brubaker gives up a career-high twelve hits, and Pirate bats outside of Kevin Newman’s and Cal Mitchell’s stay cold.

Philadelphia Phillies v Pittsburgh Pirates
Cal got an RBI driving Kevin Newman in.
Photo by Justin Berl/Getty Images

Although the Pirates lost every game in this series, today’s the only game that could legitimately be called a blowout.

Kyle “If I Don’t Hit A Homer, I Don’t Hit” Schwarber and Alec “Despite My Name, I Don’t Hit Bombs That Often” Bohm’s dings were the cherries on the Sunday sundae of Phillies hits. Unlike his big brother, Bryan Reynolds’s new baby boy did not give Dad’s bat pop; the Pirates only had nine hits today (only compared to the Phillies 18), most of them courtesy of Kevin Newman and Cal Mitchell, although people got excited in the bottom of the ninth when Oneil Cruz singled and Yoshi “I Haven’t Been Hitting Period” got him home. Whether Newman’s hot bat is an entreaty to Ben Cherington to keep him or an audition for another team remains to be seen. JT Brubaker gave up twelve of the eighteen Phillies hits, although not both homers; Dillon Peters served up Bohm’s bomb.

Speaking of Cherington, on his radio show he said that the team would look “very different” this week. Whether that means bringing up a lot of kids or trading away players (or a combo of both) also remains to be seen.

With this season out of reach, go ahead and experiment, you guys. Or maybe I should say “keep experimenting;” I made the remark in the game thread that watching the Pirates sometimes was like watching a blind person trying to put together a puzzle, basically just plugging in random pieces and hoping it’s where they belong.

We’ll see what happens.