Have the 2022 Prospects Been a Bust?

The long awaited arrival of the plethora of prospects has begun. We have seen Contreras, De Los Santos, Crowe, Thompson, Wilson, Cruz, Suwinski, Castillo, Marcano, Matdris, Mitchell, Perguro, Swaggerty, and Smith-Njibga. Four existing players (Bednar, Keller, Reynolds and Hayes) are still early in their careers. Looking at all of these prospects, has any struck you as a franchise player like McCutchen?

When McCutchen (as well as Taillon and Cole) came up he was considered a player on which to build a future contender. Early on his skills were apparent. He did have some limitations (his arm mainly but doubts about his power) but his other talents became quickly obvious. It wasn't until his 4th year (age 25) that he put it all together. That year he hit .327 with 31 HRs. The next year he won the MVP award. His previous year was a little down but he made the 1st of his 5 consecutive Allstar berths.

I don't see a McCutchen level player in any of the players. I see BRey as a solid ML player whose is a little below Allstar level. Kind of like Marte who I saw as a complementary player. Hayes' D is golden glove but his hitting is Jordy Mercerish. Bednar is a beast. Closers can have short lifespan. Keller has been a bust.

Of the player who came up this year both Cruz and Contreras have shown impressive skills. Cruz doesn't have the look of a player who will ever hit high average. His power is apparent. His arm is a cannon. His speed was surprising. So far his glove has played. Contreras has hit a rough patch. However his stuff is very good. He might end up to be as good a pitcher as Cole has evolved into. Can they carry the team to a championship? I am not convinced.

The rest of the players have shown talent in specific areas. Suwinski's power is impressive and his D is solid. Madris seems to be able to make consistent contact plus can catch the ball. His arm seems weak. De Los Santos has swing and miss stuff. None of the others have hit me as potential stars.

I know it is a SSS so far. But I am feeling a little uneasy that this group of prospects will produce any franchise players.

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