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Rodolfo Castro handed one-game suspension over mundane phone incident

Rob Manfraud is such a wuss.

Pittsburgh Pirates v Arizona Diamondbacks Photo by Kelsey Grant/Getty Images

Stupidity continues to plague MLB headquarters as it was announced earlier today that Pirates infielder Rodolfo Castro was suspended one game for the infamous cell phone incident in Arizona.

What a joke.

Even though this happened just under a week ago, I can’t say I’m shocked. If anything, I knew this was coming, as said in my article which you can find here. To save time, the specific part about the suspension is below:

Everything I could say about this incident is in the quote above, but I think it’s worth repeating that Rob Manfred and his bunch of cronies focus their attention on the most redundant things. He could focus on fair treatment of all minor league players or cracking down on owner’s blatantly ruining the sport with semantics.

If the hamsters that run MLB really think the Pirates were cheating, they have no sense of reality.

Let’s not get things twisted, though. Castro was definitely in the wrong for keeping his phone on his person during the game against Arizona, but one game.... ONE game... for a player on a terrible team that was in the midst of an awful road trip. Plus, this all happened nearly a week after the incident.

If it really mattered, wouldn’t they have taken action right away?

Props to Castro for taking it like a man and — rightfully — appealing the suspension.

It’s understandable that getting ruffled over this doesn’t mean a thing and Castro’s suspension will probably be upheld cause the league is so out of touch, but it’s so weird seeing the ineptitude of MLB really show itself.