Contreras and Heineman back! Yeah! How about the Pirates DFA

Van Meter, Allen, and Padio and Bring up Castillo, Suwinski and Either Bae or Peguero.. For that matter DFA or send down Ramirez and either Stout or Banuelos and bring up Alldred, And one of the following: Beasley, Bolten or Vieaux.

Soon after, Ship out Stout or Banuelos, DeJong, Wilson and Thomson. Then bring up whoever was left from Beasley Bolten Vieaux and Oviedo and hopefully Bedner can come back.

Starters: Contreras, Bolten, Oviedo, Brubaker, Keller

Alldred, Beasley, Bedner, Crowe, Holderman, Underwood, Vieaux, maybe Peters.

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