Sadly, it all comes down to money. The whole pyramid is faulty.

As we all seem to know the owner of the Bucs likes to work on the cheap. It not only goes with keeping players down so their upcoming years money can be lower. It also goes with getting cheap veteran players that are just not very good. GMBC was able to run a good to very good Red Sox team because he had the money backing. His hands are tied with the nickel and dime club he has now. I want to point out another way the club is hurt on the cheap. All the coaches from lower A right up to the Pirates in my opinion have to be hired because of their cheap salaries and not for being competent in developing younger talent. What else is expected from a yo-yo plan of bringing them up then sending them down or not even bringing them up even if they do show good play. My opinion only of course but a team run like this cannot compete at all even though other low budget teams can at least make a run for the post season, they spend some money and seem to have the coaches to develop players. If you spend Nutting on a team your win total would be virtually Nutting. My opinion only of course. I have been a fan from the late 50's and the years of same old same old under this owner is very tiring. I will be a Buc fan but I hate the way the team is bleeding out.

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