The Tidal Wave of Prospects Coming

Besides the youngsters presently on the roster (Cruz, Castro, SuWINski, Contreras, Marcano), those on the IL (De Los Santos and Smith-Njigba), and those who already made their debut (Castillo, Mitchell); there are others who could atleast get a cup of coffee this year as well. These include Bae, Burrows, Bolton, and Oviedo.

Right behind them are the interesting AA guys who will push for a roster spot sometime in 2023. These include Davis, Endy Rodriguez, Nick G., Shackelford, Priester, Fraizer, Pegeuro, Lolo Sanchez, Nicolas, Gorski, and others.

This is quite an onslaught of players who will be competing to make the team in 2023. I am looking forward to seeing all these players battle it out next season. While I have my favorites; may the best players win! May you live in interesting times!

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