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Mets’ walks (and a home run) plank Pirates 5-1

Walks and a homer did Bryse Wilson in, more walks sealed the Pirates’ doom, and Bucs hits were sparse.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at New York Mets
“Yeah, it’s totally those sunflower seeds Ke’ ate last night that make us suck.”
John Jones-USA TODAY Sports

Rodolfo Castro provided the majority of the Pirates’ offense in this game, getting three out of the four hits (Bryan Reynolds got the other one). One of those hits was a home run in the ninth, which was the only reason the Pirates weren’t shut out. Oh, and Oneil Cruz, that special player? Struck out all four times at bat. At least he didn’t make a fielding error.

You know it’s bad when the Pirates’ Twitter doesn’t even post a shot of the lone homer.

Bryse Wilson dug the hole in the second inning, giving up a double to Pete Alonso and walking the Artist Formerly Known as Vogelsnack before handing up a dinger to Eduardo Escobar. Chris Bassitt struck out eight, but at least it wasn’t sixteen Bucs K’s like the other night.

It didn’t help that the Mets continued their league-leading “plonk me” ways. Chase De Jong hit Jeff McNeil twice. Both he and Eric Stout walked in runs. As Pirates broadcasters and Derek Shelton keep saying, don’t give up freebies, but Oscar Marin doesn’t seem to want to teach his pitchers to keep the walks to a minimum.

You guys know I’m generally an optimist, but I don’t see how the Pirates can avoid another hundred-loss season. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst, I guess.