Welcome to Pittsburgh???

I've been watching "Welcome to Wrexham" on HULU - "The series documents the events of Welsh association football club Wrexham A.F.C., as told by the club's owners Rob McElhenney and Ryan Reynolds".

Wrexham is an aging steel town in Wales. Their professional soccer team had an unscrupulous owner, Alex Hamilton, who bought the team with the sole intention of making as much money as possible for himself. He ran the team into ground so that he could cheaply buy the land under the stadium and use it for a housing development -

I see several parallels with The Pirates.:

  • Aging Steel town – Check.
  • Owner who doesn’t put money into the team – Check.
  • Owner who appears to be disinterested in winning – Check.
  • Buying the land under the stadium for development - ?

I’ve enjoyed the series and hearing some of the pitfalls that Ryan and McElhenney encounter makes me wonder what would I do if owned the team? They have to improve the stadium, convince players to join a failing franchise while keeping the fanbase happy.

Maybe a couple of stars will buy the Pirates and make it into a TV show?

PS – I don’t think that they have revenue sharing money to help with expenses.

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