Why No Top Tier FA Will Sign With the Bucs This Offseason

While I'd love to see some top tier FAs like Bellinger and Snell sign with the Bucs, but it won't happen this offseason. No because Nutting is cheap, but because the Bucs won't be ready to contend for a WS for a few more years. Top (and even mid) tier FAs will get their money/years no matter what team they sign with. But almost all of these players are looking for a chance to play for a championship immediately. The Bucs young prospects are a few years away from being good enough to have a realistic shot at making the World Series. Hence I don't see a top FA wanting to wait a few years when they can get the same (or better) $s/years and play for a contender now.

What about the Rangers? They went big on FAs (plus a proven manager), played some of their young guys and won a WS. Good point. IMHO the Rangers did roll the dice but they didn't actually sign top tier FAs. They got lucky that the guys they signed played very well. Corey Seager signed in 2022 and had a OK year. It was this season he had a monster year. Semien was another 2022 pickup. Eovaldi was a good pickup who had his usual good season. Montgomery was a deadline pickup. A couple rookies (Jung and CArver) came thru. Their best move was hiring Bochy. It was his leadership that kept the team on track thru some tough goings. This is an area the Bucs should strongly think about. I am not convinced Shelton is the guy to lead them to a championship.

So while I'd love to see the Bucs sign some impact players this offseason, I don't see any of these type players wanting to sign with Bucs this year. Next offseason and 2025 are a different matter. Nutting will need to open his wallet if he is serious about contending.

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