What To Do With Henry Davis?

Henry Davis made his debut in June of 2023. Thru July 21st, he was hitting .275. Then he clubbed 2 HRs off Ohtani to raise his avg. to .295. His K% was 21% and his BB% was 11% after that game. He then slumped the rest of the season. He hit only .154 with a K% of 38% and BB% of 9%! He finished with a BA of .213. What happened? Was he injured or did the league figure him out? Did he try to hit homers?

But more importantly is what to do with him in 2024. Endy seems to have the starting catching job but then we heard Davis was told to bring his catching stuff to ST. Davis struggled to play RF and Joshua Palacios seemed to take over that position. If McCutchen comes back, he owns the DH job. So where to play Davis?

IMHO, I'd decide if Davis has a future as a catcher or not. If he has a future, I'd start him in AAA to get more experience catching. He and Paul Skenes can bond. If he can't catch, then either bring him up to learn RF or leave him in AAA to learn 1B.

It all comes down to if Davis can hit. The Bucs will find him a position if he hits like the pre-Ohtani games. If he hits like post-Ohtani, the issue is moot.

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