Free Agents

MLB Trade Rumors has posted its predictions for free agents. Lots of big contracts, 12 years for Ohtani and Bellinger (Bucs are not in the running for either). Predict Blake Snell will get a 7 year 200 million contract (pretty sure that eliminates the Bucs), Sonny Gray 4 years and 90 million (still not in Bucs price range), Jack Flaherty 3 years 40 million and he is a possible Pirate!

Jason Heyward 2 years 16 million possible Pirate!

Brandon Belt one year 15 million and possible Pirate.

Those are only Pirate predictions in the top 50 free agents but we will get Cutch if he wants to play in 2024.

2023-24 Top 50 Free Agents With Predictions - MLB Trade Rumors

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