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Bryan Reynolds “locked in” for Pirates despite offseason trade request

A trade partner was not found during the offseason, so as Spring Training begins, Bryan Reynolds sheds some light on his request to be traded.

MLB: Pittsburgh Pirates at Philadelphia Phillies
Bryan Reynolds still wants out, but until a deal is made the All-Star outfielder is committed to Pittsburgh.
Kyle Ross-USA TODAY Sports

In December of 2022, Pittsburgh Pirates All-Star Bryan Reynolds requested he be traded. Now as Spring Training begins to kick off, Reynold’s trade request is still looming over the Pirates organization and fanbase. Reynolds reported down to Bradenton, Florida early for spring ball, and was finally able to shed some light on his situation over the past couple of months.

Reynolds maintains that he would like to be traded, as he and the Pirates have had some differing opinions on how high he is valued. He was able to clear up that the trade request stems from a desire for a valuable contract extension, but has no ill feelings about playing in Pittsburgh.

MLB: San Diego Padres at Pittsburgh Pirates
“I’ve always said I like playing here. I like the city, I like the fans, I like the stadium,” Reynolds said. “I’m happy. I like my teammates, I like the staff, I like all that.”
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Reynolds also expressed that he would ultimately like to reach an agreement with the Pirates, but unfortunately has not found success in that department, with the two parties being very far apart.

“My No. 1 would be to sign an extension in Pittsburgh, but I want that to be a fair deal for both sides,” Reynolds said.

In fact, Pittsburgh reportedly offered the centerfielder a five-year, $76 million offer, which would’ve made Reynolds the highest paid Pirate ever. However, Reynolds wanted $125 million, which was deemed a difference too large to be met by the organization.

Throughout the offseason it was rumored that several teams were very interested in Reynolds after he came off a stellar 2022 season. The New York Yankees were strong suitors, with the Texas Rangers also being mentioned as a club that could make a move. Pittsburgh talked with several teams, but the asking price for Reynolds was on some accounts ridiculous, and a deal was never made.

In a locker room interview, Reynolds expressed how he felt during the process and what led to decision of seeking a trade.

“I was frustrated,” he said. “I think we have a right to kind of have those emotions, too, and that’s what we did, but obviously can’t force them to do anything.”

Reynolds did go on to say that it is important to know that despite the ongoing talks of him being dealt, it has not distracted him or changed his preparation for the 2023 season.

“I’m here right now, so I’m locked in for 100 percent Pirates — whatever that takes.”

For now, Bryan Reynolds is a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Hopefully it stays that way, as the front office will surely see this season that Reynolds is a player worth investing in and a lot of other teams would be very successful with him on their roster. Let us know if you think the Pirates will be able to reach an agreement with Reynolds.