Where Are the All Star Outfielders?

I have been following the Bucs since 1960. During that time the Bucs have had a number of outstanding outfielders. In fact every championship/winning team has had All Star OFers. Clemente, Virdon, Stargell, Parker, Bonds, Van Slyke, Giles, Bay, McCutchen, and Marte come to mind as the standout players on their teams. I will be so bold as to say having an All Star OF (or two) has been a Pirate trademark thru the years.

As I look at the present roster and prospects, I don't see any OF (except for Reynolds, who will not be a Buc for much longer) who could be at the level of the players mentioned above. No real "can't miss" outfielders who would be impact players. Hopefully BC will address this situation. Maybe when Reynolds is traded one of players gotten in return is a super OF prospect. We can only hope.

By the way, the other position that was played by outstanding (but not HOF players) was catcher. Players like Smokey Burgess, Hal Smith, Manny Sanguillen, Tony Pena, Mike LaValliere, Kendall, Martin, and Cervelli all were above average players in their day. With Davis and Endy Rodriguez soon to be on the team, I see that position covered for awhile.

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