With the first pick in the draft

I am watching LSU play Ole Miss today 4/22/2023. The talking heads brought up the draft because of LSU's CF Dylan Crews who is the over the top best player in college baseball. They were talking about if the Bucs will take him with the first pick. They talked about how Boras is the one who will negotiate for him and he wouldn't take under slot money estimated at nine million. They were saying the Bucs will probably pick someone else who will take under slot money and the team selecting second will get a nice bonanza. I hope they are wrong, I have seen this player play for a couple years now since I like LSU baseball and he is a huge game changer who will fly through the minors. They think the Bucs will take either a pitcher or infielder and stay away from Crews because of the money. I will be down on the pick even if they take the best pitcher available because I have no faith in them developing pitchers. Crews will fly through because he is that good.

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