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Sauerkraut Saul makes his return from injury; wins first race since 2021

He’s so back.

On July 17, when beloved racing pierogi and local icon Sauerkraut Saul went down with a gruesome calf strain, it looked like all was lost.

He was placed on the 10-day IL the next day.

It marked a new low point for Saul, who hadn’t won a single race in 2022 and none so far in 2023.

He needed a crutch to get around, but he didn’t give up.

Helped by head athletic pierogi trainer David Bednar and assistant pierogi trainers Colin Holderman and the Parrot, Saul got to work. They had a plan.

Upper body, core, sprints. They utilized new advancements in pierogi analytics to help Saul return to the races faster than ever.

Saul was activated off the injured list and made his return last night. He got off to a great start before Jalapeno Hanah and Cheese Chester gained on him.

But just as it looked like victory would once again be snatched away from Saul. Chester took a rather suspicious fall that also took out fellow racer Jalapeno Hanah. Questionable validity aside, Saul finally after nearly two years had finally won a race.

Saul moved just 3 wins back of 5th place currently occupied by Oliver Onion with his win last night.

It will be interesting to see if Saul can build momentum and chase down Hannah and Potato Pete who are tied for first with 13 wins with just 32 races left.