Do You Bring Back McCutchen for 2024?

First, if McCutchen decides to play another year, the Bucs have to bring him back. But assuming he is on the fence, do the Bucs make a push to sign him?

He probably will finish the year hitting about .250 with 15ish HRs and a OPS of around .750. His OPS is 4th on the team, right now tied with Hayes. These are not great numbers for your DH. In 2024 there will be many players who could DH. Davis and sometimes Endy/BRey/Haynes. Also at the start of the season Cruz might DH more as he rounds back into shape. So I don't see the Bucs hurting for DH next season.

IMHO, if McCutchen is not really pushing to come back, we don't bring him back. However we can't let him come back to play for someone else. He has got to finish his career as a Buc.

What do you think?

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