Could Triolo Be the 1B Guy?

Kevin Young made the transition from 3B to 1B very successfully. In fact KY might be the best 1B that the Bucs have had in the last 30 years. Can Triolo do the same?

He certainly has the glove. He won Minor League Gold glove at 3B for a few seasons. He has looked pretty sharp at 1B in the few games we have seen him play. He can hit for average with a .284 minor league average and .273 so far in the bigs. The question is if he can hit for power. He hit 2 HRs in the last few games, so maybe the power is there. Lastly he is a big guy at 6' 3". Big enough to handle Cruz's throws from SS.

Let's hope he plays the rest of the season at 1B so we can get a good look at him. If he can seize the job, we might have solved one issue for awhile.

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