This is my 2024 position players for Pirates

Rodriguez & Davis-C

New LH 1B and Joe-!B




INF-Bae & Trilo

OF-Andujar, Reynolds Suwinski, Palcois,


Yes Thats 14 Position players to start the season-If Cutch is good or signed to come back

SP-Brubaker, Keller, Oviedo, New Free agent or trade veteran, & ONE of the follwing-Wolfe, Priester, Ortiz, Contrers

Bullpen_Bedner, Mlodzinski, Borucki, Jaclson, Kranick, Moreta, and ONE of the following:De Los SAntos, Falter, Hernandez, Perdomo, Stratton

Pirates start the year with onlu 12 pitchers!

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